Travel Tips

Traveling with a CPAP or BIPAP

  • Make sure the battery is fully charged, and bring an extra battery.
  • If going overseas, take any adapters needed.

By Air:

Check with your Airline
Always communicate with the airline you will be travelling on, to find out what regulations apply.

Always Carry On Your CPAP Machine
It does not count towards your carry on bag total since it is medical equipment. There is also much less of a chance of your CPAP machine being lost or damaged. Be sure to include your contact info inside the CPAP bag just in case it gets lost or stolen.

If Possible, Bring Your Rx
Bring a copy of your Prescription or a Letter of Medical Necessity provided by your physician. While not required, it may be useful in proving your need for the CPAP if ever in question.

In Flight CPAP Use
We always recommend checking with your specific airline as their rules and requirements vary. We suggest that you ask about power options in your seat so that you may be prepared. You might need special cables, plug adapters, or even a battery pack depending on the airline.

  • X-Ray scanners in the airport cannot damage your CPAP.
  • Always show your CPAP at security checkpoints and follow the agent's instructions.  They handle many CPAPs every day, and have established procedures.
By Car :
  • Carry the DC Power supply for your CPAP/BIPAP.  Testing it's operation before your trips is strongly suggested.
  • Never leave your CPAP/BIPAP in a car during the summer; high temperatures may possibly damage it.


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