Resmed H5i heated humidifier

Resmed H5i heated humidifier

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Designed to provide you more comfort by offering relief from dryness and congestion, the H5i humidifier with Climate Control adjusts to real-time environmental conditions to deliver the most accurate humidification in connection with your treatment.

Intuitive and easy to use, the H5i integrates fully with our S9 therapy devices. It is available with a standard water tub (designed for easy cleaning and can be replaced as recommended by your care provider) or cleanable water tub (designed for multi-patient, multi-use in a clinic, hospital or sleep lab).

The ResMed H5i heated humidifier offers relief from dryness and congestion and integrates seamlessly with the S9 CPAP.  There are no separate power cords needed, and your S9 device will automatically detect when the H5i is connected.

H5i has added intelligence to help deliver constant humidity to minimize rain-out during standard humidification. H5i humidification delivery is controlled by three inputs (ambient humidity, H5i settings and device flow) and adjusts the output to maintain consistent water delivery.  The H5i Humidifier can be used with either the standard SlimLine tubing or with the recommended ClimateLine Heated tube.  Using the ClimateLine Heated tube will optimize relative humidity and eliminate rain-out issues.

The H5i Heated Humidifier has three modes:

    Patient: The more traditional humidifier mode will warm until it reaches the selected setting of humidity or 80%.

    Auto:  When using ClimateLine heated tubing, the auto mode is recommended.  This mode defaults to a Climate Control setting of 80° F. From there, you can adjust up and down as necessary.

    OFF. The H5i can be set from OFF to 6 and is adjusted from the HOME screen.  A humidity level setting of 3 is average.  The higher the number, the more humidity is produced.


    Maximum Heater Plate Temperature: 149 deg F
    H5i Heated Humidifier Weight: 1.5 lb
    H5i Heated Humidifier Dimensions: 6" x 5.7" x 3.4"
    Power Source:  S9 Device ( 90 watt )

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